16th International Congress Thermophiles 2023

29.08.2023 to 02.09.23 - Bangor, North Wales

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  • Geochemical processes and elements’ cycling  
  • Thermophiles and astrobiology
  • New cultured taxa of thermophiles 
  • Metagenomics and discovery of new uncultured taxa 
  • Genome evolution 
  • Molecular mechanisms of transcription regulation 
  • DNA replication and genome integrity   
  • Viruses of thermophiles, microbe-virus Interactions and defence mechanisms
  • Bioenergetics and physiology of thermophiles 
  • Cellular structures and motility
  • Membranes, transporters and cellular envelopes 
  • Systems approaches and OMICS 
  • Microbial associations and host-symbiont interactions in high-temperature environments 
  • Genetic systems and engineering thermophiles for industrial applications 
  • Enzyme discovery and applications